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4 Tips for Working from Home During a Pandemic...

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

2020 has been a year for the books for sure...having to work from home suddenly due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic definitely took some readjusting...

Welcome to my new office ☀️! The first thing I had to do after learning I would be working from home indefinitely was to find a space in my house that would make me happy...somewhere bright and beautiful (and quiet 😊). My husband works from home also (even before all of this) so the home office was already his domain so I created this space right in front of one of the windows in one of the guest rooms. I added the same vibe I have in my office at work...ambiance, aromatherapy, and good music (no fur rug though lol). Now I have a dedicated space to work that I can call my own and that makes me feel good ❤️. It has done wonders for my mood and my productivity.

These ‘work from home’ guidelines I set for myself helped to improve my productivity as well as my mental well-being:

1. Wake up and get ready like I’m going to work. Shower, change out of my pajamas (into clean pajamas lol or other comfy clothes), etc. I’ve been doing work and then showering late in the day and that’s just not how I normally start my days so mentally, that doesn’t work well for me.
2. Structure the day like a standard work day and set boundaries. Decide start and stop times. Set alarms that remind me to take breaks, eat lunch, etc.
3. Set priorities for the day. I have an endless to-do list that I will just keep chugging away at if allowed. Instead, I’m going to choose 2-3 things that I need to get done and if there’s time within my structured work day, I’ll address other issues.
4. Find a bright, clutter-free space AWAY FROM DISTRACTIONS. I have a bad habit of working in bed or with the TV on or with my phone around. I find that when I find a bright spot in my home away from those things, I’m more productive and I can accomplish my goals within my set time instead of working into the night.

What tips do you have for working from home??

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